Let’s Watch Jason Sudeikis Confess His Obsessive Crush On Ellen DeGeneres To Ellen DeGeneres

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How does Ellen DeGeneres continually bring out the best in celebrities? It's absolutely amazing how they all come on her show, tell great stories, play awesome games and win me over. Take Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis for example. I like him a lot, but he's not actively on my mind. I don't wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and wonder what brand of dental floss he uses. That's just not our relationship.

At least until now. After seeing him confess his college crush to Ellen on her show, I'm suddenly more interested in him. Who is Jason Sudeikis and just how many hours should I spend stalking him weekly?

Isn't this video just the greatest (thing you've seen in the past 15 minutes)? I love it because I can never get enough of celebrities talking to each other about each other. I always assume they all know each other and they all go to the same bars and go to the same plastic surgeons and go to the same house to watch Real Housewives season premieres together.

I know that's a stupid assumption that makes no sense. But in my head I assume that once you're A-list, you get everyone's assistant's contact information. That you can call up any celebrity at any time and set up a lunch. Something casual like Chipotle or even something more fancy, like Ruby Tues.

However this interview reminds me that it's not true. Sometime they just know each other from TV shows and movies and sex tapes like the rest of us normals. And just like the rest of us normals, they sometimes crush on each other. Obsessively, crazily crush on each other.

While you ponder that deep thought, check out this bonus video from the show. Yes, you guessed it. They play a game!