Video: James Franco Channels John Travolta In Grease-Inspired R.E.M. Music Video (With Bonus Cat Head)

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I'm tempted to present this video without comment, but James Franco always requires context. Although beloved group R.E.M. officially disbanded in September 2011, they're apparently not done with music videos. They recently announced the Collapse Into Now film project, where they commission short films to go with the songs from their final albums. And who better to look to than film student/professor James?

This video for “That Someone Is You” is quite bizarre: I don't know why, but James and co. decided to recreate the iconic “We Go Together” number from Grease. I've gotta say, James makes a pretty good Danny Zuko, though I don't think his singing could challenge John Travolta‘s classic take on the character. (Yes, kids, there was a time when we didn't automatically associate Travolta with Scientology and gay rumors.)

At first I thought that the woman in the Sandy outfit with a giant cat head was some commentary on internet memes, but after watching the video I'm 99% sure that the cat head is just a stand-in to hide the identity of whoever's shimmying with James. Since this is a behind-the-scenes video, it could be that they're saving that reveal as a surprise with the official video. At first I thought it might be Lindsay Lohan because I misread the source article; in fact, she and James teamed up for the video for “Blue.”

So, until we find out what lovely lady James is singing “I've got chills, they're multiplyin'” to, be content with the image of him swinging around a leather-clad feline at the end-of-the-year fair. Because honestly, that's actually pretty in line with his recent weird video projects.