Crushable Is Giving YOU The Chance To Interview Jacob Latimore This Thursday

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We love Jacob Latimore here at Crushable. If you know who he is, then you probably do too. If you don't, watch the video below (it's long, but really good). Chances are that afterwards, you'll love him too.

See why we called him the next Usher? And not only is Jacob an amazing singer and dancer (as you can tell), he's got an acting career too—we've got a real triple threat on our hands, guys. Seriously. He was in a movie with Hayden Christensen. (!!!)

Why else are we so obsessed? Well, this might be something particular to me and my inordinate love for daytime TV talk shows that feature relatable guest and even more relatable topics (“Did my husband sleep with my best friend more than 100 times?” “Is my boyfriend or his brother my baby daddy?”), but Jacob got his big break on The Maury Show! Any guy who can get Maury Povich to take a break from all those test results must have something to offer. Turns out Maury's not the only one to think so, either.

Jacob was signed to RCA Records in 2010, and was even nominated for a BET Award this year. He's already got one single with Diggy Simmons (yes, Run of Run DMC's son) under his belt, and his new mixtape “This Is Me” features their second collaboration. Young Jacob is making moves!

So, wanna know more about Jacob? How'd he become such a good dancer? What's it like working with other artists? Will he do music forever? Those are the questions I think it's important to ask, but this Thursday, you'll get the opportunity to INTERVIEW JACOB YOURSELF! That's right, this Thursday, November 29 at 4PM EST Crushable is giving all you Jacob Latimore fans the chance to ask him your own questions. Want to get in on the action? Here's how:

1. Like us on Facebook.

2. Go to the Crushable Facebook page this Thursday, November 29th at 6 PM EST.

3. Ask Jacob Latimore whatever you want.

And it gets better: We also have an EXCLUSIVE video of Jacob that we'll be posting on our page along with the interview! Tune in this Thursday to check it out for yourself.

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