Harry Styles Refuses To Answer Questions About Dating Taylor Swift, Which Means He’s Dating Her

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Global Sex God Harry Styles spent some quality time in JFK airport this weekend. As someone who's also spent quality time an airport, I already know how much fun he had. Between the food and the lines, it's like a theme park on steroids. Or like Lance Armstrong on a bike. (That's the new expression that the kids are using these days, you just can't keep up with them!)

As the One Direction star wandered around the terminal and soaked up its beauty, well-meaning strangers with incredibly powerful cameras politely asked him questions. Questions like “HELLO HARRY! ARE YOU DATING TAYLOR SWIFT? CAN YOU HEAR ME HARRY? TAYLOR SWIFT? YOU? HER? NAKED? HARRRRYYYYYYYYYY!” Oddly enough he kept walking without answering the question if he's dating Taylor Swift.

Oh celebrities! When will they learn that not answering our questions actually answers our questions! Now we know for sure that Harry Styles is possibly dating Taylor Swift. It's like so duhhhhh. I mean, right now they could be doing the all-you-can salad, soup and breadsticks deal at Olive Garden. Or they could be sexting! Or, this is a big or, they could be sexting while breadsticking. I know, now we're getting risque.

So in conclusion,celebrities can avoid answering our questions all they want. We'll just fill in the blanks with our own fan fiction. And I assure you, and I'm addressing all celebrities now, that it's far more disturbing than anything you can say. I mean, I've just touched on what I imagine goes down on star-studded Olive Garden date. Don't even ask me what they order for dessert.

(Photos: Thomas Janssen, JGM, PacificCoastNews.com)