A GIF Guide To Not Looking Like An Idiot In The Cold (For Sundance)

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Actual Actress At Sundance.

It's Sundance time, y'all. Year after year, all these kooky southern Californians head to Utah and are slapped in the face with less than balmy weather. Once there, they swaddle themselves in all these goofy getups. If only there was a way to teach them how to not look like idiots in the cold.

Here are a few pointers on how to not look stupid when the thermostat drops:

Know what you're in for. Winter is cold:

Make sure you have hates, scarves and what not so that you can deal with wind and snow and stuff:

But don't go overboard:

And don't try too hard to be all apres-ski cool:

It is possible to look cool when it's cold out:

There are no rules, except there totally are:

Just be prepared for whatever:

Proper footwear is necessary:

If you're prepared, it might be magical:

But if do wind up looking like an idiot, just work it: