10 Ways Psy Should Celebrate ‘Gangnam Style’ Being The Most-Viewed Video On YouTube

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In a move none of us would have expected a mere six month ago, Psy and his music video for the epically-popular Gangnam Style just became the most-watched video on YouTube. Ever. It overtook a plucky little Canadian, Justin Bieber, and his song Baby, with a shocking 815 million views, by this posting. And that's in four months. Holy god, that is a lot of views. And if you'd like to add a few more, or your great-aunt in Albuquerque hasn't seen it yet, please help yourself to its strange, K-Pop goodness. As I'm sure we all know by now, Psy was a complete unknown in America until he became famous through the wonderful world of YouTube. As opposed to Justin Bieber who was a relative unknown in America…until he became famous through the wonderful world of YouTube. Interesting.

Well, while Biebs is wiping away his tears with stacks of money, Psy should be taking this day to celebrate, so we came up with ten ideas for him on his special day.

  1. Cut the sleeves off some tuxedo shirts.
  2. Work on your tan-lines. You've been wearing, like, a full button-down and shorts on the beach, dude.
  3. Make some new friends. That yellow suit guy is a little sketchy.
  4. …same thing with that weird hump-y tourist in the elevator. You're famous now, you can do better.
  5. Prank-call Justin Bieber. Bonus points if you call him a sexy laydayyy. Ohp. Ohp ohp ohp.
  6. Take off the sunglasses. I'm not saying forever! Just for a second, it's a special day.
  7. Eat some Twinkies. You're bringing back chubby-chic and Hostess is going out of business.
  8. Do some toilet-tweeting.
  9. Ride your imaginary horse down an imaginary beach. The definition of ‘me time'.
  10. Be the most famous guy in the world right now. Oh wait — CHECK.