10 Molly Side Effects That Will Make You Think Twice Before You Roll

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Miley Cyrus "Bangerz" Tour - Anaheim, CaliforniaBad news spring breakers, your favorite drug is getting you high on bigotry.

MDMA, the club drug popular with youths who love to party, apparently turns users into  big old racists. According to data from a study out of the Netherlands, the hormone Oxytocin which is triggered by the party drug is what makes party animals feel all lovey-dovey, kissy-kissy, and dancey-dancey, but in a decidedly racist way. In the eloquent words of TIME:

In the study, professor of psychology at the University of Amsterdam Carsten de Dreu found that the loved-up feeling you get after taking MDMA, or being flooded with oxytocin, only extends to your “in-group.”

Oxytocin, he said, “motivates in-group favoritism” and “derogation” of outsiders. He added that it had “a role in the emergence of intergroup conflict and violence.”

MDMA might be a fun way to be a racist, but it's still a dangerous drug. Other than actual physical harm, there are a number of side effects to rolling that might dissuade potential people from indulging in Molly.

Here are 10 side effects to MDMA that might make you think twice before you roll:

  1. You Will Become Racist.  You may want to hug people and get touchy feely, but only if they look like you.
  2. You Will Buy Heroin. When you buy goodies from a drug dealer, you can never really know what's in your MDMA. It could be “pure” or cut with birth control or heroin.
  3. You'll Gnaw Your Tongue Raw. You won't be able to really feel your face, so you'll chew up the inside like your cheeks are made of bubble gum.
  4. You Will Have To Dance With Miley. This video kind of says it all.
  5. You'll Go Broke. Designer drugs are not cheap. You could spend $20 on something that won't make you act like a goof and make huge mistakes.
  6. Your Inhibitions Will Be Lost- You'll also probably lose your memory of the night, so you won't know what weird and embarrassing stuff you did.
  7. You'll Move Like A Weirdo- You won't even remember how to do all your cool dance moves like the well-oiled robot because you'll be too high.
  8. You'll Dress Like A Fool- Looking like Rainbow Brite or sexy Pikachu is not cute.
  9. You Will Die In Florida Or become as embarrassing as Madonna, which might be worse than a Floridian death.
  10. You'll Actually Enjoy EDM- That music is really irritating garbage. Does saying that make me seem like an out of touch old person?

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