Over 100 Guests Get Violently Ill In Yet Another Horrible Cruise Ship Ordeal

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Note to self: never go on any cruise ship ever. Last month, there was that huge Carnival cruise ship that got stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in some of the grossest and most depressing quotes I've heard from anybody after a vacation ever. Now, there is yet another horrible incident that's occurred on a giant ship, and I'm my lifelong dream of bathing in the sun for six days, staring at the expansive ocean while sipping on a constant flow of mojitos is starting to fade. A cruise called Vision of the Seas Royal owned by Royal Caribbean just docked after 108 people became violently ill.

The ship was on an 11-day journey that left Port Everglades, Florida on February 25. Its previous stop was Aruba on March 5 before it came back to Florida after 105 of 1,991 guests and 3 of 772 crew members became incredibly sick with what is believed to be a norovirus. Fortunately, those affected positively responded to over-the-counter medication. The staff cleaned the ship thoroughly upon docking and are scheduled to depart as planned on Friday, with the company saying this in a statement:

“At Royal Caribbean International we have high health standards for all our guests and crew. During the sailing, we conduct enhanced cleaning onboard the ship, to help prevent the spread of the illness.”

For the next cruise, though, guests have been sent a letter asking if they had experienced stomach problems within the last three days, as well as whether or not they felt comfortable attending the cruise and wanted to change dates.

These horror stories have also taken a toll on the value of cruise ship companies, with Royal Caribbean shares going down 3% and Carnival shares also decreasing. Apparently, people do not like the idea of having their vacations turn into a vomity pit of hell.

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