Woman Scares Chris Brown Into Deleting His Twitter, Instantly Makes The World A Better Place

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While the entire world hate-watched Liz & Dick on Lifetime last night, comedian Jenny Johnson upset Chris Brown so much that he quit Twitter. Yes, Chris Brown quit Twitter. This gives him one less place to spew his neverending stream of horribleness.  Not since The Beast allowed Belle to go save her father in Beauty and the Beast have I felt this optimistic about good prevailing over evil.

For those of you who don't follow Jenny Johnson on Twitter (@JennyJohnsonHi5), here's what you need to know about what happened.

Jenny Johnson regularly attempts to engage celebrities on Twitter. It's funny. I follow her and I enjoy her. She spent yesterday afternoon trying to get to the root of Chris Brown's contempt for being a good human being. And by that, I mean she tweeted this at him.

The exchange got extremely hostile and extremely vulgar very quickly, thanks to Chris Brown feeling the need to say things like this to a woman he doesn't know.

You can read the entire exchange here, just know that Chris Brown keeps it a 7th-grade level for the duration of it. It's charming. If charming meant the complete opposite of what it means now.

Because Chris Brown tweeted so many horrendous things at Jenny Johnson and because he's a celebrity who constantly tells us that he's a victim (of what? Still haven't been able to figure that one out), this exchange went viral very quickly. Considering that he's a celebrity with millions of followers and a human being who's supposedly in control of his actions, it didn't look too good.

So a few hours later he deleted his Twitter account. I'm guessing under the mistaken impression that if he deleted it, the converstaion would go away. But thanks to screenshots and human memories, it didn't. In fact, it look slike he just gave us the biggest story of the day.

So thank you Chris Brown for once again reminding us why we hate you. And thank you Jenny Johnson for doing what no other American seemed able to do — and that's shut Chris Brown up.

Oh and Team Breezy, might want to stop with the death threats. Unless you're as “talented” as Chris Brown, it's unlikely that people will look the other way at your violent behavior.

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