Josh Hutcherson Says Sweet Nothings About His Catching Fire Co-Star Sam Claflin

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Last week we learned about the blossoming love affair between Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin on the set Catching Fire. The fairy tale Jennifer Lawrence so eloquently weaved sounded like a deleted scene from You've Got Mail. That's how magical their relationship sounds to me and that's how much I want Josh Hutcherson to play Tom Hanks in the eventual biopic. (And as movie law states, Lindsay Lohan will play Meg Ryan. That's the way it works now guys.)

And now, after six days of waiting to hear more about what Josh and Sam ordered on their first brate (bro date, duh), I finally find a video of him talking about their bromance. Sure it's a few days old, but what's time when two men are falling in love on the set of a movie about child murder.

Like every other hip and happening actor in Hollywood, Josh Hutcherson sat down with MTV's Josh Horowitz to talk about how everything's going on the set of his upcoming indie film Catching Fire. It only takes a minute before he starts gushing about Sam. I mean, you can watch the video yourself, but I'll warn you that he's on the level of a middle school girl talking about Harry Styles.

You want details, you want the gooey details…yeah mean, we totally hit it off. He's just one of those guys who's always down to have fun and is genuinely like a good person, we have a very similar sense of humor. He likes to play soccer, I like to play soccer, it really just a great match. Everything just kinda melded together nicely.

Look, it's too early in the day to start guessing what Josh means by “soccer,” but I'll throw it out there that it's definitely a euphemism for something else. So while I'm not going to jump to wild conclusions, I'm also not going to ignore the facts that are staring us in the face. If this bromance continues to be as hot and heavy as it is now, we're looking at a few new scenes in Catching Fire. Perhaps one where Finnick Odair let's Peeta Mellark sees his trident. I'll leave it at that and I'll say no more. Just throwing it out there and seeing what kind of GIFS come back.

It certainly wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen in The Hunger Games trilogy. *cough*murder*cough*so much child murder*cough*

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