Bradley Cooper Waited A Week Too Long To Exploit His Sexiest Man Alive Privileges

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Bradley Cooper trolley fail Austin F1 race Sexiest Man Alive privilegesUsually when a Hollywood hunk must give up his mantle of People‘s Sexiest Man Alive, it's like former Presidents: They still get invited to events, wear suits everywhere, and are generally regarded with the goodwill attached to the year in which they reigned supreme over our country. Sure, Sexiest Men Alive were able to get away with more in their respective years of rule, but at least they get to name-drop the title for years and decades later.

However, here is the story of a former Sexiest Man Alive who, a week after relinquishing his title, seems to have dropped back into his previous role of somewhat-reviled celebrity. I'm talking about Bradley Cooper, the 2011 honoree who miscalculated just how special treatment he receives at normal-person events.

According to Jalopnik, Bradley was at the Austin F1 United States Grand Prix this past weekend. The way the race is set up, you have to walk around the track for fear of getting flattened. Those guests with mobility issues are provided with “shuttles” of all sorts to help them get around. But Bradley tried to hitch a ride on a golf cart shuttling people around—and boy, did they give him hell for it.

Apparently some fans, upon recognizing Bradley for all the movies where he plays smarmy assholes, shouted, “Bradley Cooper can walk! Shit. Come on, man!” Now, I'm split. On the one hand, if there were no one else waiting for a ride, I could justify hopping on, especially if you're just taking one spot on a golf cart. On the other hand, when you're a celebrity you can't really afford to do stuff like that.

It is odd timing, however, that Bradley would pull a little stunt like this less than a week after Channing Tatum succeeded him as Sexiest Man Alive. Back in the time of uncertainty when we didn't know whose chiseled face would be gracing the cover, Bradley might have gotten away with it. And don't even try to tell me that Ryan Gosling would have had a better chance, because Ryan Gosling would be driving those shuttles back and forth all day in the Texas heat. Mark my words.

Photo: Patricia Schlein/WENN.com