I’m Not Excited For Girl Meets World And You Shouldn’t Be Either

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Yesterday the Internet simultaneous orgasmed over the news that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel would reprise their roles as Cory and Topanga in the Boy Meets World  spin-off Girl Meets World. But unlike everyone else who grew up on TGIF, I'm not excited. And it's not because I didn't like the show. I loved the show. I may have been in love with the show.

I can honestly say that Boy Meets World changed my life. At least during the middle school years when I would refuse to go on sleepovers at houses where the person couldn't guarantee we'd be able to watch the newest episode. It's the first show I obsessed over and it's the first show I watched religiously.

After years of watching adults plan their lives around season premieres and season finales, I got it. I finally understood how someone could give over their entire life for a show. Because in exchange for planning your days around new episodes, you got to experience love and friendship and fights. You got to see first kisses, first dates and first times. Ish, you got to see first times-ish. But as an eleven-year-old who thought sex immediately followed french-kissing, ish was enough.

I believed in Cory and Topanga's love and I believed in Mr. Feeny's wisdom. I laughed when Eric said something stupid and I cried when Shawn's dad died. I literally rolled on the floor laughing when Eric got the Mr. Feeny doll. And I told my parents my life was over, OVER I TELL YOU, when the show ended. I'm not telling you all this to win some kind of Boy Meets World trivia contest. I'm telling you this so you can understand why I'm not going to watch Girl Meets World.

So let's back up and get away from Boy Meets World for a hot sec. Did you have a favorite movie as a child? I did. In fact, I had several. I rewatched them years later in hopes they would make me feel just as warm and fuzzy inside. But instead all I could think was how bad they were. Turns out the technology is Homeward Bound wasn't actually that good. It borders on obnoxiously awful. The movie consists of three animals walking around while someone narrates their thoughts. I wish I remembered it fondly, but now all I can think about is how cheesy it is.

That's going to be Girl Meets World. Because guys, here's the horrible truth. Boy Meets World wasn't good because it was good, it was good because we were 11. We're not 11 anymore. We're probably not as accepting of the fact that Topanga gave up Yale for Cory. And that she and Cory got married in college. IN COLLEGE!? That's insane and unnecessary. If you're in love, wait until after graduation. Also Mr. Feeny had an immoral lack of boundaries. He followed a specific group of students from middle school to college. And he lived next door to two of them. Weren't the morning “hey there neighbors!” enough for him.

And Eric. OMG Eric. He probably needed help. At least a little after school tutoring. How in the world did he attend the same school as Topanga? Did she completely drop her standards or did Eric get smart during Pembrooke entrance exam time. There are problems with the show that I let slide at 11. But I can't let them slide at 25.

While you might read this and get angry with me at dredging up trivial issues from the show, I'm telling you this all for your own good. Do not get excited for Girl Meets World. It will not meet your standards. Especially not the incredibly high nostalgia standards you set in your head. It's just impossible. Remember it for what it was and don't Homeward Bound yourself into believing that Girl Meets World will be your new Homeland. You've changed, TV's changed and your Friday nights have (hopefully) changed.

I'm not saying that they should cancel the show. I'm just saying that we should let another generation of tweens enjoy it. And while they spend their nights watching the show and falling in love with the characters, we can spend our nights watching videos like this.

It's better this way, I promise.

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