Amanda Bynes Un-Retires From Twitter…Will She Un-Retire From Acting Next?

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Look out, world! Amanda Bynes, she of the wackypants tweets and questionable driving record, has un-retired from Twitter, as well as joining Instagram. Could an un-retirement from acting be next?

Bynes re-joined Twitter over the weekend with the handle @AmandaBynes (R.I.P. @Chicky) and commemorated the occasion by taking a picture of her new Twitter account and posting it to her new Instagram with the caption “It's me! Haha! :D” Here's her inaugural tweet:

Why did her phone get taken away? I look forward to hearing her side of the story.

She's already posted several Instagram photos, which have elicited some amusing comments from her fans:

“Ima need my morning coffee :D”


Because Amanda Bynes' ego has died?


Best comment: “Ananda please!”

Could she be entering a spiritual phase?

“Losing weight is hard to do! I love jeans with sexy holes, mine are from Current Elliot :D”

Best comment: “Nice crotchless pants.” (Runner up: “Wow you got really thin…how did ya do it?”)

Coming soon to a store near you: an Amanda Bynes branded weight loss product consisting of small portions of baby food, delivered intravenously along with your daily cocaine.

She also Instagrammed the same photo of herself three times in a row with different captions, a true innovation on the form:

“What up doe?” + some shit about her turban and how she is going to get pointy nails.

Best comment: “amanda, you are hood as ever lol.”

And here is another good comment from Amanda Bynes' Instagram: “don't listen to TMZ they're trying to make you look like you're crazy or something.”

Yes, TMZ is doing that.

She has yet to post anything really juicy, but I have faith in her. In the meantime, ponder this: does her un-retirement from Twitter mean she might un-retire from acting as well? Perhaps with some sort of twee, multimedia enhancement? It looks like the Amanda Bynes story is not nearly all the way written, and there could yet be a Lifetime biopic in it for her, should she play her cards right. Let's all wish together!

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Photos: Amanda Bynes