12 Incredible Beauty Hacks You Didn’t Know You Can Do with a Toothbrush

What’s one thing that (hopefully) every person in the world already owns? A toothbrush, duh! And while the handy dandy device is obviously essential in keeping your breath fresh and teeth clean, we’ll bet you didn’t know you can actually use it to make a slew of daily struggles SO much easier.

We know you don’t immediately think of your beauty routine when you think of your toothbrush, but trust us — these incredible beauty hacks will SERIOUSLY change your life!

1. Olive oil + apple cider vinegar + your favorite toothpaste= An amazing at-home teeth whitening treatment!

2. We love dark lipstick, but it can definitely show all of your lips’ flaws. Simply run a toothbrush under hot water and gently scrub your lips to get all the dead skin off and make application easier.

3. Do that same toothbrush step and set your lipstick with a bit of translucent for lip color that’ll last ALL day.

4. Want to make the most of your fave facial exfoliate? Rub it in using a toothbrush to REALLY clean out your pores.

5. You can actually use toothpaste and a toothbrush to get ride of blackheads. Surprise!

6. Spray a clean toothbrush with hairspray for an easy way to tame your eyebrows.



7. You can also use it to get rid of fly-away hairs.

8. Take a section of hair and backcomb using your toothbrush for instant volume.

9. There’s nothing worse than a dirty hairbrush. Here’s a DIY method to ensure your brushes are ALWAYS spotless:

10. Got a little too self-tanner happy? Use a toothbrush and some lemon juice to rub off any streaks.

11. As it turns out, a toothbrush can be your saving grace when highlighting your hair at home. By applying the color with a toothbrush, you’ll avoid harsh streaks that look super tacky.

12. How adorable are these Easter-egg-inspired nails?! You can create fun splatter nail art using none other than a toothbrush.

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