18 Struggles All Girls with Super Fine Hair Understand Completely

Girls with thick hair like to complain, but little do they know that the thin hair struggle is real, too! Girls with super fine tresses can only dream of one day having hair that’ll blow in the win, make a normal-looking top knot, or, wait for it, not fall flat in 20 seconds. Feel our pain? then you’re totally understand these problems:

1. Your hair gets greasy almost immediately. Washed your locks an hour ago? Grease slick already.

2. The thought of not having a teasing comb makes you cringe. Must. Have. Volume.

3. And speaking of volume, you have none. Your hair takes the word “flat” to a whole new level.

4. Putting your hair into a ponytail is just sad. Where the heck did all of it go?!

5. You can never find a hair tie that’s tight enough for your locks. So you have to keep twisting and twisting and twisting and…

6. You desperately wish you’ll one day understand what it’s like to go to bed with wet hair and wake up with it still damp. HOW DOES IT EVEN HAPPEN?!

7. This is you on an everyday basis:

8. Trying to curl your hair? At least one pound of hairspray needed.

9. Want a top-knot? LOL good one.

10. How about a sock bun? JOKE’S ON YOU!

11. When your hair stylists starts putting product in your hair, you cringe.12. People need to STOP looking at your scalp. Yes, you can see it. No, I don’t want to you stare at it!

13. And speaking of, no one knows pain until they’ve gotten sunburn on their scalp. Trying to brush your hair is excruciating.

14. One word: Knots. Tangles for days!

15. Trying to make a bobby pin stay in your hair is also a battle. Aren’t those things supposed to be helpful?

16. You have keep dryer sheets in your hair product drawer. Dealing with static is a battle.

17. You’ve tried every supplement, product, remedy, etc. in the world. ANYTHING to get a little bit of thickness.

18. But they’ve all failed. It is what it is…

13 Struggles All Girls with Thick Hair Understand