21 Sexual The Little Mermaid Jokes That will Completely Ruin Your Childhood

Disney’s The Little Mermaid sure has some ~interesting~ messages. Sure, the whole “love at first sight” was cute and all, but trading in your fins, family and voice all to be with a random hottie you saw during a midday swim seems a bit reckless. #JustSayin. If you ask us, Ariel was a thirsty, thirsty girl, and we have the all-time funniest (read: dirtiest) memes to prove it. Not convinced? Just you wait…

1. She’s not one to beat around the bush.

2. The motive for legs:

3. Flounder is really keeping his eyes on the prize…

4. SO disturbing!!

5. Gross.

6. Conceited much?

7. Ariel, keep it up and you’ll be able to answer your own questions real soon.

8. What would King Trident say??

9. “A Part of Your World” is now officially ruined.

10. That is certainly clear!

11. What kind of advice is that?!

12. We did not need to know this!

13. Ariel’s message to Prince Eric:

14. Tough love?

15. He’s not the gentleman we thought he was!

16. But there was no hesitation from the ginger.

17. Typical…

18. That awkward moment when:

19. Andddd there goes our childhood right out the window.

20. TMI!!

21. Well, that hit the nail on the head:

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