All the That’s So Raven Jokes That Prove it was the Dirtiest Disney Channel Show

We have a message for you, Disney channel: We see those hidden agendas and sexual innuendos sprinkled all throughout That’s So Raven and… we have to give it to you, they’re pretty HI-larious. We always knew that TSR left us with some questionable lessons, but who knew that Raven and her crew were so sexually charged?!

Scroll through our pics for the very best of the best (read: dirty) That’s So Raven memes. Oh, and one last thing — Disney, there’s no doubting that “ya nasty!”

1. We bet you will.

2. It’s a two-way street, apparently.

3. Gross!

4. “You look great” would have worked, too.

5. How convenient, Rave.



6. Something tells us that the hot dog wasn’t the only thing on her mind.

7. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

8. A mental picture we could have done without:

9. Raven’s response to her parents:

10. What would Mr. and Mrs. Baxter say?!?

11. The president and VP of the Disney Channel Bad Girl’s Club:

12. Anddd we’ll just leave you with this:

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