Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens doesn't need ex-boyf Zac Efron as arm candy anymore to complete her outfits. A few months on from their breakup and it's obvi that VHudg is radiating confidence and romance in this bohemian chic ensemble! You can snag it too, with these super easy (and inexpensive!) items:

1. Glam Necklaces:

Add a touch of gold to your ensemble with Alloy's Roxy Chain Necklace Set ($22.90).

2. Ruffled & Ready:

Flirty and fun, you can't go wrong with a flattering ruffle on your tank. Copy cat Vanessa's silk cami with dELiA*s Avery Ruffle Tank ($7.99).

3. Crazy Cozy:

Even if you can feel spring in the air, there's still a bite of winter lingering (no, that's not post-breakup heartbreak). Never forget a romantic wrap before you go out, especially Alloy's Cozy Cascade Cardi ($19.99).

4. Maxed Out:

Embrace the maxi to the max! Figure-flattering and fantasy-inducing, a long maxi skirt is so fun when it swishes around your legs! Try dELiA*s delicious Floral Maxi Skirt ($44.50).

5. Dream Weaver:

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but woven sandals will only look amazing on you. Set the trend with Alloy's Woven Zuzu Sandal ($24.90)!

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