The 10 Struggles of All Your Boyfriends Being Celebrities

It’s a rando night. Your BFF just messaged you about hanging out with her new boyfriend and his cute single best friend. But you can’t. Your heart already belongs to someone else, and he’s going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 30 minutes. Like any good girlfriend, you have to show your support.

We get it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt totally trumps the Average Joe on any given day. It’s an undeniable fact that celebrities make for better boyfriends. After all, they’re typically better looking, full of talent and have jobs. So, while your BFF is spending quality one-on-one time with her “regular” boyfriend, you can revel in the fact that your boyfriend is hundreds of miles away in a little studio in Hollywood promoting his new movie. Then again, whoever said relationships were easy, huh? Here are the struggles of having all your boyfriends be celebrities:

1. Everybody wants them! Competition is brutal. Just ask the other ten thousand girls on Twitter with the username @HarryStylesIsMyBF.

2. Nobody understands. Your friends probably think you’re crazy. Your parents think it’s just a phase. But deep down, you know it’s true love. How can it not be? He totally winked at you during that one concert that one time!

3. They’re constantly forgetting your birthday. Unless, of course, you remind them over and over again on every form of social media. Then again, even that’s not always a guarantee.

Twitter (@hstylesduality)

Twitter (@hstylesduality)

4. They never call. Then again, who actually calls anyone nowadays?

5. At the same time, they never text. Texting is so overrated. Right? Wait… what’s his number again?

6. They never seem to make it to dinners with the ‘rents. Or any sort of dinner dates, lunch dates, breakfast dates or ice cream dates for that matter.

7. On the off chance you do manage to spend quality time together, it’s always filled with a bunch of other people. He has his manager, his publicist, his hair stylist, his mom… not to mention the two burly security dudes who tail him everywhere. You don’t like them, and they most certainly don’t like you.

Harry Styles with Crying Fan GIF

8. People never think you’re good enough for them. He’s sweet, talented and obviously gorg. Not to mention, super famous. It makes sense that people would be jealous.

9. When they start dating someone new, you have to hear about it everywhere. You don’t need to see Zac Efron‘s new girlfriend as a trending topic on Twitter. Nor do you need to know where they met, what she does for a living or what shampoo she uses to make her hair so silky smooth and shiny. You just don’t.

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Walking

10. They don’t know you exist. Oh yeah… There’s that, too. Whomp whomp.

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