10 Struggles of Running a Fan Account for Your Favorite Celebrity

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Running a fan account for your favorite celebrity is hard work, but somebody’s got to do it. Since you can’t hear our tone when we say that, we just need you to know that we’re not being sarcastic at all. Because running a fan account is a level of struggle that only the strongest can survive. (The weakest, we should be clear, are the ones who bash fan accounts for no reason at all.)

It’s obvi really fun, otherwise no one in their right mind would continue to run any. And could you imagine social media without fan accounts? We just did, and it’s a sad, boring place. We’re just saying that it’s ALSO Struggle City sometimes. These specific ten times, actually:

1. People assuming you’re the actual celebrity and spamming you. People really need to brush up on their reading comprehension and such.

2. People accusing you of pretending to be your fave. Again, the art of reading comprehension is not dead. That’s not what it’s about at all.

3. Seeing another account get noticed when you work much harder for it. It’s a game of chance that you keep losing.

4. Having to scroll through allll of the celebrity spam on your timeline. You know it’s rough when you get to “HARRY PLZ FOLLOW ME 4786″ because you know that that number at the end means your timeline will never be normal.

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5. Coming home from school and seeing that your fave did a follow spree. Is it a conspiracy? The simple answer is yes.

6. Getting a follow from another fan account with the same icon and a similar handle as the celeb and having a freaking panic attack. This is literally the worst thing.

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7. Fandom fights. Ugh, you have to choose sides, which is always hard and stupid because you’ve got a LOT of friends in the fandom circle.

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8. Running a smaller account and watching a big account get noticed ALL. THE. TIME. Isn’t one RT enough for a lifetime?!

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9. Attempting to manage the zillions of notifications you’re always getting. Good luck seeing anything on your lock screen other than Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram notifications ever again.

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10. Trying to explain to a non-fandom account owner why in the world you spend your time doing it. Because being a hardcore fangirl is quite possibly the most fun thing in the world.

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