11 Problems You’ll Only Get if You’re a Girl with a Boy’s Name

With celebrities naming their children after fruits (ex. Apple Martin), directions (ex. North West) and even numbers (ex. Harper Seven Beckham), having a unique name is all the rage. But, while a one-of-a-kind name can be super cool, it does have its issues.

1. “Is that your real name?” Umm, why would anyone say it’s their name when it isn’t?

2. School is rough. The first day of school is absolute torture. “Oh, I was expecting a male student to respond.” K.

3. “Did your parents hope you were a boy?” “No, I wasn’t named Billy because my Mom and Dad didn’t want a girl. Thanks for asking, though!”

4. “Is your name short for anything?” Sorry, but, what would a girl named Johnny be short for anyway?

5. Like, do you wanna see proof? We bet you always have your ID with you in case people still don’t believe your name is really your name.

6. You’ve actually thought about changing your name. Yes, the thought’s come up before.

7. Boy troubles are way more complicated. It does get a little weird if you’re are dating a boy with the same moniker (a la Taylor-Squared).

8. Communication isn’t as easy as you hope. If you email or text someone new, they automatically assume it’s a boy. So. Freaking. Annoying.

9. Your friends use you to make their boyfriends jealous. “I’m hanging out with Ryan” is a great line to make any guy envious. He doesn’t need to know Ryan is your best girl friend.

10. Some parents don’t get it. You’ve probably been told you can’t sleep over a friend’s house. That is, until you actually meet them and they realize, oh hey, it’s a girl!

11. Hiding isn’t an option. Once someone hears your name, they never forget it, which stinks when it’s a teacher you’re trying to hide from.

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