21 Hardcore Inappropriate Tweets the #MendesArmy Sent to Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes may only be 16 years old, but that doesn’t stop his fans (who are probably younger than him, BTW) from sending him rated-R tweets on the regular. Seriously — age is nothing but a number for some of these members of the #MendesArmy! If only their parents knew…

Fortunately, we know Shawn isn’t the only one who gets bombarded with sexual comments by the minute. Josh Hutcherson, Dylan O’Brien and Harry Styles are just some of the male celebrities whose Twitter feeds are crammed with inapprops notes. You ready to see some of the ish the “Stitches” crooner sees every day? You’ve been warned…

1. And?

2. Is this supposed to be a compliment?

3. WHOA! That escalated quickly.

4. We don’t think his abs would appreciate that…

5. Only sometimes?!

6. We don’t think it works like this.

7. BUT WHY?!


9. This is not a question you can just ask people!

10. Or this!

11. This is just getting ridiculous now…

12. #Romance

13. Honestly no.

14. No no no no no no!

15. Plz don’t.

16. Ohhh we see what you did there!

17. Maybe you should go see a doctor?

18. Ew.

19. And we want a million dollars, but…

20. Oh good LAWD!

21. This is not something you should advertise.

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