7 Naked Selena Gomez Moments That Forced You to Forget Her Innocent Image

It was early 2013 when the world first witnessed a far different Selena Gomez than anyone had ever seen before (at least in the public eye) — Spring Breakers hit theaters. The film, starring Sel, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco, showed the Disney Channel alum smoking, drinking, getting arrested, all while wearing a scantily-clad bikini. And that was all before she turned 21 in real life.

Now, the 23-year-old former Wizards of Waverly Place actress is one of the many former Disney kids who proved how grown up she is… by going nude. Here are seven such naked times when she basically forced you to forget her once-innocent image:

1. When you couldn’t even see anything, but everyone freaked out anyway. #curtaingate

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2. That time she posed topless for a photo shoot. The disturbing part, though, was that she looked like a baby with her polka-dot bow and doll eyes. *cringe*

V magazine

V magazine

3. A couple towel’s difference. Courtesy of Mario Testino’s “Towel Series,” which also featured other favorites, like Miley Cyrus and Kendall Jenner, you got to see what a stripped-down Selly looked like post-washup.

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4. Naked. In bed. Okay, so she never admits to actually being in the buff, but her fans on Instagram are convinced.

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5. ‘Steamy’ doesn’t even begin to describe it. Actually… scratch that, that’s exactly how you would describe it.

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6. When she took a shower while the world watched. That sounded way creepier than we intended, but that’s exactly what went down in the “Good for You music video,” so don’t hate.

7. The closest she’s ever gotten to baring it all. (On her own terms, anyway, and not supposed leaked nudes.) Who’s ready for Revival now??

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