All the Sam & Cat Theories That’ll Have You Questioning EVV-REE-THING

If you’ve been paying any sort of attention, then you know that basically the entirety of the Nickelodeon universe — particularly Drake & Josh, iCarly & Victorious — intersects. As far as some detective fans are concerned, Drake and Josh’s little sister, Megan, runs away from home and changes her name to Carly Shay, thereby connecting the first two series. At some point throughout the Miranda Cosgrove-led TV show, the characters meet some of the students from Hollywood Arts High School, thereby connecting it to the Victoria Justice-led series. So it’s no secret that the shows easily connect to Sam & Cat, considering Jennette McCurdy‘s iCarly character, Sam Puckett, and Ariana Grande‘s Victorious character, Cat Valentine, are the leads of the Nickelodeon comedy.

HOWEVER, it’s been a while since we discussed the fan theories behind your favorite Nick shows. So, what better way to remind you of all the crazy possibilities than to dig a little deeper? Here are the most outrageous thoughts circling Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat:

1. Cat is bipolar schizophrenic. Ariana’s ditzy-but-lovable character once explained that her mother was a competitive breath holder, who practiced the, uhh… craft while she was pregnant with Cat. It’s because of that, as well as her random, hyper/excitable personality, that some are led to believe that the redhead suffers from a mental disorder.

2. Sam is a runaway. Like her friend Carly, Sam supposedly left home to escape the tortures of her life. Except, in Sam’s life, the alleged circumstances are far more grave. One theorist suggests that Crazy Steve (who may or may not be Carly’s “brother,” Spencer) kidnapped Megan/Carly, but Steve’s dad manages to save Megan from his son’s abuse, so Steve/Spencer goes crazy — and kills Freddy! Sam runs away to California with Cat after she learns the truth.

3. It’s all a figment of another fan favorite’s imagination. If the theory that the entire premise of Victorious exists only in Tori’s mind holds true, then that means that Cat, as we know her, doesn’t exist.

4. And, of course, the Illuminati symbolism. There’s nothing to say except watch this:

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