Zayn Malik Is All ‘Great Job On The Naked Magazine Cover’ To Gigi Hadid

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Zayn Malik Is All  Great Job On the Naked Magazine Cover  to Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid Pillowtalk gif


Model of the moment whose name I wouldn’t have recognized a year ago (that’s her nickname in my head) Gigi Hadid is on two new Vogue Paris covers this month. One cover is clothed (well, sort of) and the other one is very naked, save for some heels and a few pieces of jewelry. She’s doing that classically awkward hunched-over arm-over-the-boobs pose on what looks to be a very uncomfortable box. Here’s Vogue‘s tweet with the covers.

Of course the most important thing that the Internet wanted to know about these covers was what Gigi’s boyfriend Zayn Malik thinks of them. And since Zayn is playing the opposite of coy these days about their relationship status, he posted his reaction on Twitter. It would seem he was at a loss for words. No really, he didn’t use any words. He just used emojis. Specifically the “OK hand sign” and “heart eyes” emojis.

According to Hollywood Life, Zayn likes the cover so much that he “already has it framed on his wall with graffiti all around it with the words ‘My Girl’ written above it.” (Wow, anonymous sources are getting weird.)

How interesting it must be to be part of a celebrity couple. Instead of sexting each other grainy naked photos from weird angles where you can’t really tell what body part you’re looking at, they just look at each other’s professionally styled and shot nude magazine covers.

And instead of posting annoying “I love you, bae” messages on Facebook for everyone who knows them to roll their eyes at, they post about their feelings to their millions of Twitter followers, and then those tweets get retweeted and awwed over by adoring fans and written up by websites like this one.

Not to mention the whole making out in a music video thing. But, you know, stars — they’re just like us! And stuff.