Zachary Quinto And Jonathan Groff Break Up, Because Love Is Dead And All That Jazz

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Jonathan Groff Zachary Quinto Break Up

The break-up of Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff just proves that love's not only dead — but buried six feet under, in an unmarked grave, in New Jersey. I know, that's bleak, but blame Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. They're the clowns who got us in this whole mess to begin with last year when they s-worded and then d-worded. After that, there wasn't any hope left for anyone in love. In retrospect, it explains my own parent's divorce in 1997. They saw the warning signs from way back when, the red flags unfurling in the winds on the distant shores. “What's the point?” they said as they split up my identical twin sister and I, moved to different countries and respectively launched a successful winery and wedding dress design company.

While I didn't follow the Quinto-Groff romance super closely, I did occasionally observe their adorableness and make note of it on my permanent record. The two started openly dating in 2012 after Quinto came out and up until yesterday they had a pretty drama-free relationship. Hence my inability to follow them closely in the tabloids. Stalking's a lot easier when 1 to 2 of the people in a relationship are insane famehounds. In fact, I'd say those kind of couples kind of do all the hard work for you. I'd also say that these two are still managing to stay pretty drama free. We're at least 12 hours into this news breaking and I haven't seen one melancholy tweet or instagram or movie choice from either of them. So props to them.

Also to Zachary Quinto's eyebrows. May they stay as strong as ever in the midst of this sadness.

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