Why You Need to Stop Wanting Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton to Get Together

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As the best man and maid of honor during yesterday's royal wedding, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton looked on proudly as their siblings got married. But before the ceremony was even over, people were starting to talk about what a cute couple Pippa and Harry would make. Within 24 hours, more than 30,000 people had “liked” a Facebook page that said Pippa and Harry should hook up. As HowAboutWe pointed out, “Was it our imaginations, desperate to pick up on some new royal gossip now that the wedding is over, or was there some actual…chemistry, as the two walked down the aisle after the ceremony and stood together on the balcony?”

Speculating about a Pippa/Harry love match is almost like writing fanfiction, but about real people. And why I think it's totally fine to ‘ship, say, Rachel and Puck on Glee, it's too much to start thinking the lives of actual people are your own personal soap opera. Pippa and Harry shouldn't hook up, and there are a lot of good reasons why.

  • They're sort of related. No, they're not siblings, just in-laws. But the idea of a pair of sisters marrying a pair of brothers kind of squicks me out a little bit. It reminds of me of some 18th and 19th century weddings that were done to consolidate family wealth or titles. Considering how hard the British monarchy has worked to modernize themselves, a second Wales/Middleton wedding would feel archaic.
  • They're in relationships with other people. Harry has been on-and-off with Chelsy Davy for years, and she was his date to the royal wedding. Pippa is reportedly dating former cricket star Alex Loudon. While it may seem funny and cute to speculate about how hot it would be if Harry and Pippa got it on, I doubt either of their respective partners are amused. I sure wouldn't be.
  • Just because two people look pretty standing next to each other doesn't mean they get along. I'm not saying that Harry and Pippa hate each other – if anything, most reports have them getting along quite well. But I suspect that most of the Harry/Pippa frenzy just started because they looked nice standing next to each other at the wedding. Just because two people are good looking doesn't necessarily mean they have anything in common. The people who want Harry and Pippa to hook up aren't basing it on the individuals' respective interests and personalities, they're basing their decision on looks. Frankly, I care more about finding a partner I'm compatible with than I do about finding a person whose hair complements mine.
  • If they did get together, they'd always be second best. As younger siblings, both Pippa and Harry have had to deal with the media comparing them to their brother and sister – and not always favorably. If they married each other, they would always be Will and Kate Junior, and that would be unfair. Let them both go on and live their lives the way they want without spending even more time being compared to their older siblings.


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