Who Should Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa Go Out With?

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Who Should Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa Go Out With  isaiahmustafa jpgIsaiah Mustafa, aka The Old Spice Guy, told People magazine that he’s single (despite rumors of a hookup with Kathy Griffin) and presumably looking to mingle. But with whom? We have some suggestions:

  • Neve Campbell
    The two were reportedly hooking up a few months ago. The relationship was never confirmed, but they did look cute together.
  • Kim Kardashian
    It’s perfect, if you think about it – she always needs publicity, and Isaiah’s her type (muscular, athletic, macho).
  • Christina Aguilera
    Considering the terrible press she’s been getting lately, hooking up with a guy like him could only be an upgrade. And then they could hire her to sing a new Old Spice jingle.
  • Laura Dern
    Crushable intern Vanessa Prat suggests that the actress, who recently split from Ben Harper, could be on the lookout for another sweet, soulful guy to make her feel better.
  • The Herbal Essences Girl
    Crushable intern Lucia Peters points out that two iconic beauty ads would go well together.
  • Countess LuAnn de Lesseps from Real Housewives of New York City
    Money can’t buy you class, but Isaiah already has class to spare.