16 Adorable Trends for the Upcoming Wedding Season

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Wedding season 2017 is starting to wind down right now, but couples are getting engaged all the time and starting to plan big days of their own for 2018. If you're one of the blushing brides or handsome grooms who are starting the wedding planning process — congratulations! Also, good luck, this could get stressful.
There have been so many trends and fads that have come in and out of the wedding scene throughout the years and while some have been great, others are most definitely cringe-worthy. These 16 trends are starting to trickle into the wedding scene and making a big impact. If you're in the early stages of planning, you just might want to send some of these ideas over to your wedding planner now — and beat your engaged BFFs to it.

(Although, TBH getting a wedding planner is kind of off-trend these days, FYI. It's all about DIY now.)

1. Small Scale and Intimate Environment

Long gone are the days of big, boisterous weddings. There is no need to worry about adding your cousin’s grandmother’s sister’s husband on the invite list. Couples are more worried about quality versus quantity these days meaning we are seeing a small scale wedding trend with more of an intimate experience for the newly wedded couple. Their guests now can enjoy a more low-key and chill ambiance which — let's face it — is better for everyone involved.