17 Warning Signs to Look Out For When Stalking Your Crush on Social Media

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So, you think you're a pro at researching every little thing about your crush. You can find their zodiac sign, pinpoint all of their ex-girlfriends and discover their favorite hangout spots in the blink of an eye (which is incredibly impressive and totally creepy… but hey, we're not judging). However, it takes a bit more than impeccable research skills to understand what kind of person your crush really is.

For instance, he may look debonair and sophisticated in his photos, but does he also come off as arrogant or egotistical? Little things, like the way he writes his statuses or how he interacts with his friends online, will tell you a whole lot about his true personality. But since we're usually fixated on our crush's relationship status (or how pretty his exes look), we rarely ever notice the warning signs. Lucky for you, we've created a handy list of questions that just might save you from pursuing someone who isn't right for you. So grab a pen. You might want to jot down these red flags and keep them nearby the next time you plan on cyber-stalking your crush.

1. Are 90 percent of their photos selfies?


Just to be clear, we think that selfies are awesome. But if your crush happens to have ten close-ups of their face in a row, or if their entire feed is loaded with shirtless mirror pics, they're clearly self-absorbed and maybe a tad selfish.