Video: Men Dish On Hang-ups, Horror Stories When Vacationing With Girls

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Man PanelIt's summer, so if you're in a relationship, chances are you've discussed taking a trip with a boyfriend. But when deciding whether or not to buy those plane tickets and book a hotel, we wondered whether guys had the same worries, fears and hang-ups as us. So we asked them. This week's man panel includes three honest guys — Keith, Darcy and Michael — who told us vacationing horror stories (break-ups!), advice (plan!) and their rules (you've got to be comfortable enough to spend a few days together). And, they told us how long they'll wait until they bring you home to meet Mom.

Have you ever been on vacation with a girlfriend?

Keith: Yes, many times. They’re very enjoyable. It takes a lot of planning I would say. But yeah, I’ve been on several.

Darcy: Yes, I have. It was a really long time ago.

Michael: I have been on several group trips to the lake and mountains with past girlfriends and a single one-on-one vacation to the mountains that began as a three person trip with our mutual close friend but he left early…and we broke up on the flight back. We we re-routed to an airport about three hours from our destination. We hired a limousine service to drive us home and she made a border between us with suit cases, stacking them, effectively sealing me off.

Do you have any rules or requirements before you go on a vacation with a girlfriend?

Keith: I think they fall into two groups: you can have the really fun kind of spring break-type vacation or let’s go away for the weekend. That one I think, if you’ve known someone, maybe you’ve been dating them for a month or so, so you kind of know some of their habits and how they react to certain situations. But if you’re going away for anything more than four or five days, you really want to be with them for quite awhile to really know how they’re going to react because when you go on vacation for that long, something is bound to happen –- whether you lose the directions or you lose your money or whatever it may be. And then, that really starts to test people.

Michael: While I don't necessarily have any rules since I haven't been on enough one-on-one trips to establish any, I do have requirements, such as being beyond comfortable with the girl. I need space, especially with what I would consider my private space (i.e. bathroom). I am willing to share my private space, but I'm yet to meet a girl with whom I'm comfortable enough to let her in.

Do you have any vacation horror stories?

Keith: Nothing horrible like a break-up or anything directly from a vacation. Most of mine deal with the typical guy problem that I hate to ask for directions. Hate it, hate it, hate it. And of course my fiancé says all the time that I’ll never ask for directions when I’m in a city that I don’t know, it’s easier to deal with that now, but I honestly just don’t like to ask for directions. I like to think I know where I’m going and how to figure it out. So that causes fights, but nothing too bad.

Michael: Besides the aforementioned break-up? Yes, one other horror story. This past Fourth of July I was at the lake with a group of friends and a on-again girlfriend. I blacked out relatively early in the night. It was the Fourth, so forgivable, right? Well, blacking out was. What followed wasn't. We took a boat across to another friend's house where I ran into two other girls I had played around with in the past and proceeded to yell (yes, yell, not talk in a loud voice, but actually yell, scream even) and lambaste them for being whores and morons (like dumb, intellectually). They eventually corralled me onto the boat and we returned to the house we were staying at where I then threw up all over the dock, short circuiting the dock power when they attempted to clean it up with a hose. Basically, all of that was told to me the following morning by my best friend after I woke up butt naked in the game room as I heard her mother and father talking and cooking up above. I did not talk to my girlfriend for a few weeks, effectively breaking up.

One fear when girls go away with guys is sharing a bathroom with them in a hotel room. Do guys think about things like that?

Keith: No. Not at all. It never even crosses our mind – at least not me.

Darcy: I’m just generally worried about sharing the bed, I’m just awful about it, I take up the whole bed. So making sure whatever room you get has a king size bed is very important.

Michael: I'm in the camp of guys that think girls pee rainbows and that's it. Nothing more. Don't want to know about it. Bodily functions are solely male.

How long do you think you have to be dating a girl before you bring her home to meet your parents

Keith: I don’t think there’s any set time on that, I think it’s very personal for everybody. If you’re going to do that, you want to know that this person is very special, that it’s not just somebody that you’re casually seeing. It’s got to be someone who you’re really into and you think it’s going to last awhile because your family and your friends from home are going to get invested in this opportunity and that is a lot of pressure. It’s a lot of pressure on you, but it’s a hell of a lot more pressure on the other person. They have to be comfortable.

Darcy: My general rule of thumb is never. Not many girls have met my parents. You’re asking the wrong person, I’m the serial non-dater.

Michael: I've only dated people who I either grew up with, so my parents met them young, or I knew at college, and she was introduced on Parent's Day Weekend at a tailgate. If I were to date someone who required being brought home and introduced, I would say six to eight months, maybe even a year.

Do you have any advice for someone who is going to travel with a girlfriend?

Darcy: If you’re going to go away with a girl, don’t let the first thing you do be a wedding. Planning is something that is much more important than you realize. Even if it looks like you haven’t planned it, knowing what you can and can’t do, having activities in mind, and where you’re going is probably a good idea.

Michael: Given my track record, no. Would you accept advice from me? But I would be definitely appreciative of receiving a few tips and pointers!

If you could ask a girl one question and knew she had to be honest, what would you ask?

Keith: I want to know what you really think of my family. Give me the honest, unvarnished answer.

Darcy: Is a guy a being honest about his feelings early on in the relationship a turnoff or not?

Michael: I am seriously amazed that I have managed to have many girls, beautiful girls, like me. I would like to know why and what it is from the onset of the relationship that hooked them…because usually my relationships end with me being told I'm an asshole, and that's if they didn't say that before breaking up.