Video: How Hollywood Says I Love You

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Well it's that fateful time of the holiday when the couples go off to enjoy the Valentine's Day fun and singles crawl into a crypt and pray that one day Patti Stanger will release them and help them find true love Or something like that. I don't know, I read it in a free e-card today. Someone (definitely a someone with a working heart) decided to put together a montage showing how Hollywood says I love you.

By Hollywood, I mean the movies. Not actually Hollywood. They celebrate love in a way that we, the normal people, can't even begin to comprehend. All we know is that it involves PR consultation, magazine covers, adoption contracts and elaborate re-commitment ceremonies filmed in front of a camera crew.

So whether you're watching this on your phone while you're waiting for your date who is so rudely running late to dinner or you're watching this while you take a break from cleaning your litterbox, remember that no matter what Crushable loves you. In the least creep way possible, Crushable loves you.

Happy Valentine's Day!