Unpopular Opinion: All the Ways Millennials are Actually Doing Love Right

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Screen Gems

There are way too many people who effing hate millennials. What did we do other than be born during a time when technology was on the rise? Older generations complain that we’re lazy, incompetent and arrogant. Some of us may be that way but I’d argue we’re actually a little better than the generations that came before. Yeah, I said it.

We work harder than any other generation simply because we have to in order to get by. And you know what? We don’t just work hard at our jobs, either. Millennials are working harder to build a life and find love the right way.

As much as people think we all just hook up with people without building healthy relationships or whatever, that’s actually not accurate. Us millennials are (in my *apparently* unpopular opinion) doing love the right way.

It might not be the “traditional” way of doing things but it might even be better than that. This is how millennials are doing love differently and why it’s probably better for everyone involved.