18 Ways to Learn to Trust Again After Being Cheated On

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Being cheated on is bullsh*t. You put all of your trust in someone and in a single moment, they strip it all away, along with most of your self-esteem tbh. It’s wrong, disrespectful and really, really hard to come back from — for you. It hurts in ways that are unparalleled. Physical pain often doesn’t hurt as much a someone you truly love and care about betraying you.

And that’s why it’s so difficult to get over. In fact, your trust for everyone is basically non-existent. After someone cheats on you, it’s really hard to trust again and move on with your life… even if you leave the person who wronged you. But allowing them to not only ruin their partnership with you but also your future relationships isn’t fair to you.

We all take baggage from our past relationships to our new ones. But sometimes the baggage is so heavy (and that's definitely the case with cheating), that you may find yourself sabotaging a new thing that could actually make you happy. It definitely won’t be easy to break that cycle but with these tips, enough time and a great support system, you’ll be able to trust again and move on with your life.