21 Little Ways to Tell If You’re The Toxic One in a Relationship

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All romantic relationships feel perfect in the beginning. The chemistry is strong, every little thing that your partner does is cute, and the way that they look at you can make you blush fifty shades of red. It's the most beautiful feeling, really. But then a couple of weeks go by and… well, things just aren't quite the same. Those things that you once found cute aren't so awww-worthy anymore, the spark is fizzling out, you bicker a lot more, and those romantic moments are fewer and far between. All of a sudden, your relationship is going downhill fast and you have no idea why… But have you ever considered the possibility that maybe it's because of your own toxic behavior?

It's easy to point the finger at the other person when things get tough. And unfortunately, when we're so focused on our partner's mistakes, we tend to overlook all the things that we've been doing wrong. But it helps to be a bit more self-aware when it comes to how we treat that special someone, so if you feel like your relationship is falling apart, you might want to check out this list to see if you're being the toxic partner without even realizing it.