How To Plan A Sexy Date With Tim Tebow That Doesn’t Involve Sex

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So let's say Taylor Swift drops Tim Tebow for Jesus Christ tomorrow because Billboard put her on the very top of their Top 40 Money Makers list of 2012 and she realizes she can afford to date the one and only savior.You now have an awesome opportunity to get in on some of that Tebowin' action.

Let's just pretend you have the divine fortune of taking the Denver Broncos quarterback on a date to impress him. While you're flattered he agreed to go on a date with a non-virgin like yourself, you have no idea what to do with him.

You know sex is out of the question, but you're not sure what else there is to do on a first date that involves keeping your clothes on.

Well, pray to the lord no more, because we've got the ultimate date planned for you and the Tebs. Just check out this form and you'll see that you have an endless amount of sexy dates to take him on that don't involve sex.