The Hollywood Quotient: How Smart Are Today’s Celebrities?

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Yesterday we were chatting with our favorite relationship expert, Dr. Gilda Carle, and she mentioned something rather interesting. In today's world (especially in Hollywood) people are measured by many things: their intellect, income and looks. And while we have rubrics to measure things like intellect (IQ or intellectual quotient) and emotions (EQ or emotional quotient), there's no measure for personal decision making. That's why she came up with something called HQ: The Hollywood Quotient.

That's how we'd be able to measure the life choices of Hollywood's power people. Obviously most celebrities know how to make money off of their talents (of lack thereof). But when it comes to life choices, that's a different story. And often, those bad life decisions eventually eliminate their chances at successful careers.

As Dr. Gilda says: “You could have a sensational career and not be terribly mature in navigating your own life.”

It's definitely true that many of today's are very emotionally fragile, to the extent where their personal decisions start having a downward pull on their career and income capabilities. And while poor life choices may sell magazines, eventually those decisions add up – to drug problems, rehab and legal trouble.

We see only one problem with this new measurement: all the people we write about would probably get failing marks.

What do you think? Is it possible to rate people based on their life choices? Let us know in the comments.