Textual Healing: Have You Ever Been Dumped By Text?

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Textual HealingText messaging is often the fastest way to communicate with friends and acquaintances, but it’s not always the best one. Especially when it comes to texting with guys. Here at Crushable we aim to help you sift through all the subtext and emerge relatively unscathed – with a little help from our friend Amanda Ernst.

Listen, break-up texts happen. It happened to Charlie Sheen. And, if you are a 30 Rock fan, you know that Condoleezza Rice also has been dumped by text message.

But what comes after the text? A whole lot of expletives and possibly some crying, in my experience. While a face-to-face (or even over the phone) break-up has some sense of impending doom, a text message break-up can come out of the blue (“You + me = :(“). Still, a dumpee tends to go through the same stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance. Add a few “What did I do wrong?” and “Wonder what my ex is up to?” and you can pretty much describe every break-up.

But the question that arises from text break-ups is: what do you write back — if anything? It depends on the text. If it's straight-forward enough, no response is required. Other times, a simple “F you” will at least make you feel better. But I'm someone who likes talk it through, so the succinctness and finality of break-up texts never really work for me. Note to anyone who wants to date me/possibly end our relationship through text messages: just stop texting me. It will just make the whole ordeal less awkward.

Have you ever been dumped by text? How did you respond — if at all? Have you ever dumped someone by text message? Leave your experiences in the comments below and you might see it featured in an upcoming installment of Textual Healing.