Taylor Swift’s ‘Date’ With Tim Tebow Is Just Another PR Attempt To Keep Her Image Pure

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Sources spotted Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift on a dinner date together at a restaurant in L.A's Century City mall and I couldn't be happier for the possible new couple. I can't think of two celebrities who deserve each other more. Just think of all the promise rings they can buy for each other and the purity balls they can attend. Why the two of them could just spend a whole date starring into each other's eye and wondering if everything they've heard about boys and girls having different thingys under their pants is true.

Or this could be another massive PR set-up to keep Taylor Swift looking sweet and innocent. Not so coincidentally timed with the release of her family friendly film, The Lorax. What's more family friendly than a respected football player who's a proud virgin? Time and time again, Taylor Swift attempts to sell herself as an innocent, sex-free girl who's just like all the preteen girls out there.

Just two weeks ago she confessed to Ellen on her show that she spent Valentine's Day dateless. She says:

“I actually had a pathetic single girls party. It was cool. That's actually what it was called. (We) just ate whatever we wanted and danced. We made these little profile cards about why we're single.”

Young girls all over the country could hear that and swoon. After all, they too were dateless and sad on Valentine's Day. Except, Taylor Swift isn't 13, she's 22. Is this really what we want our thirteen year olds to aspire to? “Pathetic single girls parties” in their twenties.

I'm not saying having a Valentine's Day date is neceseary to be a happy 22-year-old, but Taylor Swift chose to use the word “pathetic.” She didn't choose to say,  “my friends and I were like screw guys, we don't need men to be happy and we drank and we danced and we had an awesome night.” That's the woman we would want our preteens to admire, isn't it? The woman who doesn't need a man to be happy, who can spend a romantic holiday with her friends with no regrets. Rather than a lonely girl who feels  pathetic for being alone.

This brings us back to her latest calculated PR move, going on a date to a mall with Tim Tebow. To a mall? Can't get more All-American than that! Taylor Swift who is worth 80 million dollars and Tim Tebow who is worth 3 million dollars decided with their 83 million dollar combined networth to eat at a mall restaurant. While one might say that it's showing that fame hasn't gone to their heads, I'm much more skeptical. Why go to a mall unless you're looking to be spotted. Last I heard celebrities prefer privacy when they're on real dates at the beginning of relationships.

Why date notorious religious figure Tim Tebow unless you're looking to keep your image pure? For someone who mothers constantly say is a wonderful role model for their young daughter, it sure sucks that she's dating someone who doesn't believe in  a woman's right to choose. Guess she's trading in that “super-positive pro-girl” message for one that makes her look even more angelic.

And this is my ongoing problem with Taylor Swift, her entire image is completely manipulated for the public. Nothing she says or does occurs to her naturally. She's so caught up in promoting herself as an innocent girl that she's leading her life completely for the public's approval. But at some point, shes's going to be caught. At some point all her carefully constructed lies will be revealed and she'll be left standing with nothing but the truth. I only hope it's something worth singing about.