Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Make A New Year’s Resolution To Try That Whole Dating Thing Again

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Harry Styles Taylor Swift Central Park Zoo December 2012Get ready to experience some serious fakelationship deja vu, my friends. Go into your fakelationship closet, pull Haylor out from the very back where you stashed it after that British accent incident at the Grammys, dust it off a little, and brace yourself for the reunion. That's right, everybody. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are rumored to be getting back together. Taylor must have left out a very important “ever” when she sang that song.

According to world famous site CelebrityFIX, Taylor and Harry have been in contact since the VMAs, so I guess when Taylor said “Shut the F up” when One Direction was presenting she really meant “Shut the F up and kiss me, you fool!” The best part is that they're reuniting around the same time they first got together last year, just in time for Taylor to wear lots of winter layers that Harry can't infiltrate with his roaming British hands.

“They still have feelings for each other. She’s definitely still in love with him and he’s got a massive soft spot for her. They’ll see how it works at Christmas and make it official in the New Year.”

Ah yes, the New Year. The site of Haylor's famous public, everyone-can-see-us-and-photograph-us-and-report-on-our-romance kiss in Times Square when the ball dropped. Perhaps they didn't quite get the head tilt right the first time. Or maybe Taylor has been tossing and turning every night since then thinking she should have tried a foot pop.

But apparently spending the holidays together isn't the only thing these two crazy kids have planned. Taylor is reportedly house hunting in London near where Harry lives. Some reports have suggested that Taylor is trying to win Harry back, but CelebrityFIX says Harry's actually in on it — which makes the whole thing less stalkery and also less fun — and he's helping her pick a house.

Even though I thought Harry was like so over Taylor when he perfected his poker face during her speech at the VMAs and declared he was okay with having songs written about him and told me he wanted to date me in that dream I had, I'm kind of excited about the prospect of Haylor: The Sequel. Mostly because I love fakelationships, especially the holiday editions.