Watch Out, Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Now The Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple

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Watch Out  Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Now The Highest Paid Celebrity Couple Taylor Swift Calvin Harris swan pool jpg

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have only been seeing each other for a few months, and they’re already a power couple. And no, that’s not because they have cats on their side. It’s because they’re both filthy rich. Forbes just named them the highest-earning celebrity couple on this year’s Celebrity 100 ranking, which will go live on Monday. And you know who they knocked out of first place? Just a little couple whose names rhyme with Fiancee and Lazy. (I’m talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z in case that wasn’t clear.)

There are apparently only three couples where both members made enough to get on the list, which is, for the first time, ranking celebs by annual income only. Taylor and Calvin made it into the top spot out of those three, making a combined $146 million, and they’re both in the list’s top 20. Forbes cites the couple’s individual endorsement deals, with brands like Diet Coke and Giorgio Armani, as contributing to their fortunes.

I would have guessed Taylor would be high on the list, but Calvin is a bit of a surprise. I honestly didn’t even know who he was before he started dating Taylor, let alone that he was so successful. I guess we have something else to add to the list of clues to look out for in Taylor’s lyrics after they break up. There’s not much that rhymes with Forbes, but she could probably make something work by calling Calvin’s eyes orbs or something.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been knocked down to the number two spot, with a combined $110.5 million. Not too shabby, of course, but this must be like the kid with the highest GPA at school suddenly being kicked down to second place by the new kid. Meanwhile, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert round out the top three with a sad little $57 million. They couldn’t make it to nine figures? How do they even survive?

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