Calvin Harris Gave Taylor Swift the Most Taylor Swift Anniversary Present Imaginable

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Taylor Swift Calvin Harris hug Billboard Music Awards


I'm not sure how Taylor Swift feels about her future with Calvin Harris, but I'm gonna go ahead and declare him The One, because the gift he appears to have given her for their one-year anniversary is so Taylor Swift it hurts. Like, I'm about to go propose to him on her behalf, because girlfriend needs to lock this down immediately.

Speaking of locking things, here's the photo Taylor posted on Instagram yesterday with the caption “3.6.15 One year down!” As you can see, it's a vintage-looking gold locket with the date March 6, 2015 on it. Also known as their anniversary. Anniversary of exactly what isn't clear, but it's engraved on a locket now, so that makes it official.

Taylor Swift anniversary locket 2016

(Photo: Instagram)

I mean, can you believe how Swift that is? I'm assuming it was a gift from Calvin, unless Taylor is the kind of girl who buys herself anniversary presents. (I wouldn't be surprised.) Too bad we can't see what's inside. I'm assuming it's an artsy black and white photo of the two of them, possibly with a lock of Calvin's hair taped to the opposite side. The songs write themselves. Taylor probably spent all night looking up what rhymes with “locket,” so get ready for lyrics about Davy Crockett and pockets on the next album.

Meanwhile, Calvin posted a video of their anniversary cake on Snapchat. And I'm sure they ate it without plates just like in Taylor's “22” video.

If only we could see the cakes and presents they had for all their other anniversaries. You know, like their one-week anniversary and their one-month anniversary and their 89-day anniversary and probably their five months and seventeen days anniversary, just for the heck of it. Because, maybe it's just me, but Taylor seems like the kind of girl who celebrates every minuscule milestone in a relationship.