Taylor Swift Spotted Speaking To A Human With A Penis, Therefore COUPLE ALERT!

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Taylor Swift TIFF One Chance premiere 2013

Notorious boyfriend-haver Taylor Swift got spotted speaking to up-and-coming actor Brenton Thwaites at a Toronto International Film Festival party this week. Before speaking to Taylor, he was simply an actor. Not a good one, not a bad one, just an actor who could drop, “you probably recognize me from the Blue Lagoon remake on Lifetime” into casual conversation.  But then, thanks to his interaction with Taylor Swift, he became an up-and-coming Australian actor. Someone on the rise! Someone to watch! Someone to be fingered by fans and bloggers alike when Taylor Swift releases her next record of blind items songs.

While we don't know what the two discussed at the party, Us Weekly reports that sources say they behaved like two people about to have sexual relations in a nearby broom closet.

Swift and actor Brenton Thwaites chatted for an hour in a booth together “making each other laugh,” an onlooker tells Us Weekly. At the film fest to promote his flick Oculus, the Australian young star, 24, “had his arm around her back,” the witness adds. “She touched his leg a few times. They seemed very into each other.”

Chatter! Laughter! Leg grazing! Oh my! While this source may sound like she's reading a leaked page from the Fifty Shades of Grey script, it's what really and truly happened. People who refuse to give their names to publications rarely have a reason to exaggerate the truth. Why I'm sure that Brandon Thwaites and Taylor Swift will be romantically involved in no time. I wouldn't be surprised if two soon got spotted drinking one milkshake with two straws at a '50s inspired diner, whispering into each other's ears and upping their mutual leg touching count to “several times.”

(Photo: Sean O'Neill, PacificCoastNews)