Suki Waterhouse Shocked To Discover Bradley Cooper Is Smart, At Least He Can Help With Homework

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4 Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse posing in Paris park August 2013

Just a romantic tutoring session in the park.

There's simply no better way to start the week than with Suki Waterhouse giving her boyfriend Bradley Cooper a backhanded compliment. You simply don't see that enough in Hollywood relationships, besides when Ben Affleck talks about how hard it is to live with Jennifer Garner. In this case Suki stated her opinion through the words of an anonymous source speaking to Radar Online, so unless she's using anonymous sources as ventriloquist's dummies, it might not be completely true. But I'm not entirely convinced that Suki and Bradley's relationship is true either, so I can never be sure.

The source explains that Suki was shocked to learn that Bradley is more than a pretty face. He's also very intelligent. He even reads for fun, without being tested on it or anything!

“She was ready to write him off as another hunky dumb actor, but Bradley really surprised her with his fluency in French and the intense pile of reading material he has beside his bed.”

Sounds like Suki has a total professor crush. And it's a good thing she's dating someone so bookish. It comes in handy to have a smart older boyfriend when you've got a particularly stressful amount of homework. After a fancy night out at the White House or an award show, Suki's gotta get home to finish those worksheets, and thankfully she's got a tutor right there. He can even help her with that history project on the '70s, since he was around back then.

Apparently some of Bradley's exes weren't so pleased to learn he enjoyed intellectual pursuits more than going to the clubz. And by “some of Bradley's exes” I mean Jennifer Lopez, who Radar‘s source says was “put off” by Bradley's smartypants lifestyle. This is quite an impressive anonymous source. Not only can they look into the minds of Bradley's girlfriends, but they also remember that Bradley and Jennifer dated. Didn't that relationship get stored away in the vault next to all those discontinued Disney DVDs?