Standing By Your Man: Not Cool Anymore

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Standing By Your Man  Not Cool Anymore wenn5432666 280x160 jpgIt was the Mea Culpa Streamed ‘Round The World, and Tiger Woods’ wife Elin was nowhere to be found.

Like Jenny Sanford her, Elin refused to stand by the celebrity husband who had publicly humiliated her. Smart move. Let it be said, we don’t know any woman who would agree to join Tiger on the podium, face the music on live-video stream and squeeze his hand as he apologized for destroying his squeaky-clean image by having countless affairs with other women. (We still can’t get over the parking-lot quickie with the Perkins waitress).

As Tiger said in his totally-canned speech, “I brought this shame on myself.”

Elin’s refusal to attend Tiger’s press conference sends the message that not only is she a tough cookie (who apparently did NOT  attack him with a golf club), but she won’t stand beside him and enable the sad, teary-eyed trainwreck he has become.

And yet, exactly how many high-profile wives–Vanessa Bryant, Silda Spitzer, Dina McGreevey, to name a few–have endured the public show of support for their husband, out of devotion, obligation, image-maneuvering, whatever?

Too many.

We realize not everything is so black and white (see: Julianna Margulies’ excellent, nuanced portrayal of a spurned politician’s wife in The Goodwife). But we wonder what made them walk out into the glare of the spotlight, surrounded by judgment, prying eyes, shame and overall bad juju.

The tables seemed to have turned. Jenny Sanford recently bucked expectations of The Good Wife by ditching husband Mark as the Luv Gov rambled on and on to reporters about his torrid affair with an Argentine lady.

Instead, Jenny stayed home and watched the dramz unfold on TV.

And so, presumably, did Elin.

We’d have done the same.

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