The 16 Stages of Sending A Risky Text

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Do you have something that you just need to get off your chest, but meeting up in person sounds like a little too much effort? Maybe your relationship is hitting a couple of speed bumps, or you just have to confess your undying love to that person you've been friends with for a while now. Maybe you’re the one who received a risky text and want to know what’s going on in the mind of the sender. A lot of people out there in today’s day and age opt for a more passive route to talk about potentially sensitive issues. The key perks of this are: no awkward face-to-face, you get to plan out what you want to say PERFECTLY, and also how you want to say it.
It also means that you have written, permanent record of this interaction as well, to then screenshot and send in all your group chats. What?! We're just being honest. Tell me you don't have ONE screenshotted text convo saved in your phone right now. I don't believe you. There are a lot of awesome positives, but there's one major con: you then have to sit there patiently anxiously waiting for a response. Boy is it one wild ride.