12 Good Reasons to Keep Your Relationship Off Social Media

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With social media only getting more and more popular, couples are always all over it. They post about their date, how much fun they had together on vacation, and even random mushy photos that, truthfully, most people don’t even want to see. And that’s why you should keep your relationship off social media.

Even though all of that might sound relatively harmless from a distance, behind the photo there’s usually a completely different story. I’m not saying all couples aren’t as happy as they appear on Instagram or Facebook but the bulk of them don’t show their true relationship.

Because no relationship is perfect 24/7 and most people know that. However, acting like your relationship is incredible online can actually have more negative effects than you think… both on yourself and others.

If you’re still not convinced as to why you should keep your relationship off social media, here are a few things that might make you think twice about it.