Snooki’s Naked Photos Expose Sexting Danger

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Snooki s Naked Photos Expose Sexting Danger nakedsnooki jpg

It was only a matter of time before the provocative Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi showed up in a long-lost sex tape or naked photos somewhere. Last week, those risque photos of the tanned shortie surfaced on a site that is now trying to sell them off — along with an alleged video.

Today, the site insists that the photos are real, pointing to a photo Snooks herself posted on her MySpace page as evidence of their authenticity. “There have been some questions as to the validity of our content,” the site said, referencing a new photo of Snick’s lingerie-clad booty. “While we recognize the pic below may not be lock solid ‘proof’ it’s our offer without giving away the shop.”

Whether Snooki took the photos herself and posted them online or sent them via text or email, the grainy shots made us think camera phone, which made us think of sexting. That in turn made us think of all those anti-sexting PSAs we’ve been seeing. If Snooki’s story is any indication, sexting can have real, embarrassing consequences. No matter how much you trust the person you’re sending those naughty pics and dirty come-ons, if you ever gain notoriety after a star turn on an MTV reality show, watch out. All your dirty laundry becomes fair game for those shady characters in your life who are looking for a quick buck or fifteen minutes of fame for themselves.

We want to know: do you sext? Has it ever had consequences for you?