If This Photo Of Skylar Astin And Anna Camp Was Any Sweeter, I’d Have Diabetes

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Anna Kendrick Skylar Astin kissing labor day weekend instagram While I always envisioned Skylar Astin dating Anna Kendrick in real life, I'm still pretty A-OK that he's playing tonsil hockey (maybe also body hockey…) with his other Pitch Perfect co-star Anna Camp. And it's not just because both of their names are Anna. It's because Skylar shares insanely adorable Instagram photos like the one right above this text. It's so precious that I'm even willing to forgive Sky for committing my number one male fashion faux pas — and that's wearing a short-sleeved button-up shirt. I'm seriously asking you guys, could this photo be any cuter? Based on the fact that my eyeballs look this whenever I even think about this photo, I'll go ahead and give that a strong no. eye hearts sailor moon


Oh man, how I do love love! Especially when it's between two actors who starred in one of my favorite movies. The only equivalent to this would be if Tina Fey started dating Aaron Samuels — and they challenged themselves to use at least 14 Mean Girls references in their vows.

Even though I am most definitely incredibly anxious about the prospect of these two breaking up before the Pitch Perfect 2 press tour, I'm trying to live in the moment. Sure, their post break-up tension could ruin everything that I loved about their incredibly fun press tour last time, but I'm probably getting too far ahead of myself. Maybe they'll get married and have musically-inclined babies and ask me to be their tone deaf nanny.

(Photo: Instagram)