Simon Cowell Wants Hendall To Break Up, Which Really Messes With Kris Jenner’s Business Plan

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Simon Cowell attending X Factor season three premiere party September 2013

It's become pretty clear by now that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are currently involved in a tender business arrangement. They've been spotted standing next to each other like a zillion times. It's simply adorable. But shockingly, someone besides Harry's teenage fans is upset about this little set-up. That someone is professional chest-rubber and amateur married-lady-impregnator Simon Cowell. You might recall that One Direction was created on Simon's show X Factor, so obviously he feels protective.

According to ShowbizSpy, a source says Simon knows from experience how looney-tunes Kris Jenner is because Khloe Kardashian was a host on the U.S. X Factor. He's reportedly furious over Harry's involvement with the first family of publicity stunts:

“So when he heard Kris had already asked Harry to appear on the family reality show, he was livid. He told Harry that doing the show would not only be embarrassing, there’d be no benefit to him whatsoever.”

Simon was also reportedly upset when he found out Harry had been introduced to Kanye West, because Kanye apparently asked Harry to “come into the studio and lay down some tracks.” This part I just have a hard time believing. I'm not convinced Kanye West even knows who Harry Styles is, let alone enough to invite him into the studio. I'm pretty sure Kanye has trouble recognizing anyone besides his own reflection. Regardless, Simon doesn't approve:

“He’s really worried about losing control of Harry. He knows his lead singer’s been thinking about a solo career, so the last thing he needs is the Kardashians and Kanye digging their claws into the One Direction star and trying to separate him from the rest of the band – not to mention Simon’s record label!”

Simon's just trying to protect his own business plan, so he's obviously worried that Kendall Jenner and her army of Kardashians is going to Yoko Ono Harry Styles right out of his wallet. But unfortunately Kris Jenner's worried about her bottom line as well. Real relationships won't make her enough money to support her cash-for-breakfast habit, and The Wanted just broke up so she's obviously not going to grab one of them as a replacement. I smell a Simon Cowell/Kris Jenner feud on the horizon, and I could not be more excited.

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